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A ‘Teen Wolf’ Revival Movie Is On It’s Way To Paramount Plus!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

It appears that Paramount has been following the “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” rule since the launching of the streaming service in 2020. With already revivals of popular shows like The Original Real World, MTV Cribs, ICarly and even Rugrats, things have been played pretty safely over at the house of ViacomCBS, without having to rely on newer IP.

Now, this comes from a Variety exclusive. MTV “Teen Wolf” series creator Jeff Davis has signed with MTV Entertainment Studios.

Davis’ multi-year deal will see him write and executive produce a movie revival of the Teen Wolf series, with talks currently underway with original series cast members to return. The news comes on the four year anniversary of the original “Teen Wolf” finale on MTV.

Along with the “Teen Wolf” movie, Davis has also been pinned to develop a new series for the streamer based on Edo Van Belkom’s “Wolf Pack” books, with Davis serving as showrunner on that series. And if thats not enough, the previously announced “Aeon Flux” live-action reboot — on which Davis will serve as showrunner and pilot director — has moved over to Paramount Plus after originally being set up at MTV.

Let us know are you excited about the revival of Teen Wolf: The Series?


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