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Film: Alita: Battle Angel Starring: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Mahershala_Ali Ed Skrein, Keean Johnson Jennifer Connelly Director: Robert Rodriguez Review: Mark Diaz Rating: 4x's out of 5x's

Are you ready for the future? Alita: Battle Angel immerses you in a world that could very well be us one day. Set in the 26th century 300 years after a war that collapsed society, Alita: Battle Angel takes place in a technological dystopia they call Iron City. A world of humans intertwined with machine, coexisting with robots, cyborgs, and hunter warriors. Christoph Waltz who plays a cyber doctor, Dr Dyson Otto, finds a peculiar robot in a scrapyard still intact with its human brain. After some repair and modifications he brings her back to life naming her none other than Alita! The movie uses the classic approach of memory loss which just sinks you further into your seat and eager to know more. Rosa Salazar plays CGI Alita which was done using advanced motion capture filming technology, done so well you will literally question reality. This is a gripping coming of age story of a girl finding herself in a unfamiliar world. With no recollection of her past her curiosity gets the best of her, soon finding out she might be more than just a girl, but a Battle Angel! Although Dr Otto is trying to protect and guide her, her discovery of feelings and emotions hits hard when she meets a human boy named Hugo who is just as curious as she is. Inching closer to her past day by day, Alita is willing to do whatever it takes and literally take out anyone in her way to find out the mystery of her former life. Diving deeper into the world of Alita you find yourself surrounded by intriguing cyborg robotics, even incorporating a future sports game called Motor Ball which plays a big role in the movie. This film is beyond breathtaking, from the visuals, to the action, to having you all in your feelings. I already cant wait to go back. We give Alita: Battle Angel a solid 4 out of 5 Xs.

In theaters Valentines Day.


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