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An ‘IT/IT Chapter 2’ Super cut is being edited by Director Andy Muschietti!

Stephen King‘s It even as a 1990 miniseries had to be broken into two parts in order to bring to life all the series of events which take place in good ol' Derry ME. It and It Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti agrees that there is a ton of story to be told– and he’s cutting together an It supercut containing both films. And we're on board for every total minute of it!

If you’re a big Stephen King fan and have like, six or seven hours to kill, I have some good news. Andy Muschietti, director of Itand the upcoming It Chapter Two, has revealed he’s working on numerous alternate cuts of his films. Not only is he working on director’s cuts of both Itand Chapter Two – he’s also putting together a monster supercut that combines both films into one.

“The possibilities are open,” Muschietti told SFX magazine (via Games Radar). “There’s a version where the two movies are cut together. There’s a version where there’s a special director’s cut of number one and a special director’s cut of number two. And I’m happy to basically work on every one of them.”

How do you all feel about this supercut? Let us know in the comments!

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