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'Atlanta’ Ending, Could Lead To Potential Spinoffs For Donald Glover’s Comedy!

FX’s Donald Glover lead comedy, Atlanta is coming to an end. but FX executives are opened to keeping Glovers vision alive through spin-offs.

FX Chairman John Landgraf revealed at TCA today that Atlanta will end with its two upcoming seasons, 3 and 4.

During Atlanta’s TCA panel, the series’ creator, writer, director, executive producer and star Donald Glover was blunt stating

“To be honest I wanted to end it at Season 2,” Glover quipped, adding “Death is natural.”

That was news to FX executives who had accommodated Glover’s music and feature career by placing Atlanta on a lengthy hold after Season 2.

FX Entertainment President Eric Schrier told Deadline in an interview during FX’s TCA presentation,

“He never communicated to us that he wanted to end the show then but, after the second season, he obviously was very busy in other medium, in his music career, so there was an extended time but that was the first time I’d heard that he wasn’t sure he could continue the show which would make sense because there was a delay in what he wanted to do,”.

But while Atlanta is coming to an end runs, Schrier has stressed being is opened to potential spinoffs. in particular, features popular characters around Glover’s Earn played by an all-star cast including Brian Tyree Henry, Lakeith Stanfield and Zazie Beetz.

“I think if Donald or Pamela came to us with that idea, we sure would be opened to it but right now there are not currently any plans,”

Schrier said.


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