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**SPOILER FREE** Film: Avengers: Infinity War Starring: Robert Downy jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Tom Holland, Tom Hiddleston, Paul Bettany, Mark Ruffelo, Chadwick Boseman, Elizabeth Olson, Scarlet Johansson, Josh Brolin Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Review: Dion Hall Rating: 5X's out of 5X's For the past ten years we watched as our favorite heroes came to life, leaping off of the pages of our comic books. We watched as they developed, overcoming personal trials and tribulations. We watched the classic easter egg hunting at the formation of the greatest team of heroes. We watched as heroes came together to overcome earth shattering villains to save the planet from imminent destruction. For the past ten years we watched and waited for this exact moment and its finally here, Infinity War.

To put it simply this movie is as amazing as you would think and hope, picking up directly after the events of Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther. It doesn’t get better than seeing your favorite heroes on one screen being pushed to their absolute limits. Infinity war gives us the best version of everyone. Despite everyone being at their best tho, it still doesn’t quite match the might of Thanos. Characters you thought invulnerable are in fact very vulnerable and characters that may not necessarily be heavy hitters rise to the occasion giving their all in the common goal to defeat Thanos and save the universe. The interactions between the different characters from their respective films is truly a sight to been seen. Similar to that feeling you got watching civil war, times ten.

Marvel as of late exceeding expectations with their villains, first Kill Monger in Black Panther and now Thanos in Infinity War. Just like Killmonger there is a method to the madness of Thanos, and the film does an incredible job conveying his perception and motivation behind seeking out the infinity stones. Thanos is a very complex character with a very interesting back story. I was actually surprised at his reason and logic. Most villains are very chaotic destroying just for the sake of destruction. With Thanos his view on the order of the universe is very understandable. Marvel also dives into the emotion of Thanos giving us further insight into the depth of this character with him really having internal conflict at different instances throughout the film. Thanos also isn’t ultimately powerful and he is physically vulnerable when approached with a sound plan. The Black Order who Thanos sends to hunt the infinity stones initially are a perfect compliment to the Mad Titan.

They are extremely powerful and give the heroes of the MCU a run for their money. They stop at nothing to fulfill the goals of Thanos and pose a major threat for the heroes. Marvel does a great job in depicting the despair of our Heroes, with them going through tremendous hardships caused by Thanos and the Black Order. Infinity War has depth that I’ve seen in very few comic movies, it is truly a culmination of the past ten years of the MCU. It’s really hard to go into detail without spoiling the film, I’ll just say in closing that Infinity War was well worth the wait you’ll get your money's worth when you finally watch it.


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