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Cobra Kai Will Be Moving To Netflix.

Cobra Kai the sequel series to the Karate Kid movie franchise has found a new home. Originally the series was available on YouTube for seasons 1 and 2 with YouTube committed to a third season but nothing beyond that. This is where the streaming giant Netflix stepped in to pickup the series for its platform. With YouTube opting to not provide a future for the series Sony Pictures TV began shopping the series with all major streamers expressing interest.

Ultimately it came down to Hulu and Netflix with Netflix coming out on top. Netflix presented the best deal financially coupled its subscriber base and global reach. On the way out of YouTube, Sony negotiated a deal with YouTube for it to become a non-exclusive distributor of the first two seasons. This will allow the first two seasons to now be available on Netflix. As for when you can actually view the series on Netflix stated to look for the first two seasons “this year, with an all-new third season to follow.”


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