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Day Shift [Review]

Film: Day Shift

Starring: Jaime Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Meagan Good, Karla Souza, Dave Franco

Director: J.J. Perry

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 3.5X’s out of 5X’s

‘Day Shift’ is working with a witty cast and refreshing take on the vampire hunter genre. It surprisingly wins you over with its fast pace action, humor and fight choreography. Its like Ride Along meets Fright Night!

Written and Directed by J. J. Perry and Shay Hatten the two of the good folks behind Army Of The Dead and The John Wick series, comes an interesting take on vampire hunting following low key “pool cleaner” Bud Jablomski (Jaime Foxx). From a far it would appear that Jablonski (Fox) was an ordinary hard working, blue-collar, single Dad, when behind those yard fences, he’s actually hunting vampires!

Day Shift is just all around fun. Filled with misfit Buddy cop, action and humor you may recognize from the 80’s and 90’s mixed with a dark comedy horror spin. Foxx is accompanied by a complimentary supporting cast such as Snoop Dogg as “Big John”, Dave Franco as Seth and Natasha Lui Bordizzo as Heather.

For me, it’s the action which sells this film and allows you to take most of it seriously. The weakest parts, however, would have to go to the villain of the story. Karla Souza may have at one time boiled my blood as the sneaky Laurel Castillo on ABC’s ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, but I’m just not buying her evil in this film. No matter how much she intimidates while overly stretching that Mexican accident of her. Shes not The Queen of the South and she’s still a very random choice. Then again, someone invited Snoop Dogg to the party.

Overall, Day Shift is memorable enough to warrant a sequel in my opinion. It brings that same charming originality that say, Ride Along did for Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. But most of all, doesn’t every vampire movie get a sequel? Think about it.


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