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Disney+'s Hawkeye Will Dive Into Clint Barton's Backstory.

Hawkeye, Disney+'s solo series for the MCU character Hawkeye will be a deep dive into Clint Barton’s backstory. Unlike Hawkeye’s fellow Avengers Barton never received an origin film which left his backstory largely unexplored. As of now details on the series are still under lock and key but recently producer Trinh Tran gave her thought’s on the upcoming show in a interview with Screen Rant.

“We haven’t gotten a chance to tell Clint Barton’s story. You’ve seen Thor have several movies. You know his backstory. Cap has several movies, Tony has a few, so they all had their chance, and Clint Barton hasn’t gotten a chance to tell his past. I’m excited for that, and I’m excited that there is a young girl coming in who wants to be Hawkeye.”

Kate Bishop who will take the mantel of Hawkeye will also be introduced in the show. She is he daughter of a shady businessman who after getting assaulted trained herself as to never go through anything like that again. She trains in martial arts and takes on the mantel of Hawkeye when Barton is presumed dead. Hawkeye is set to hit Disney+ in 2021.


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