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EXCLUSIVE: Director Lee Ann Kurr Talks A bout Teen Slasher 'Student Body' [Interview]

Surviving high school becomes actual life or death in new teen horror slasher film, Student Body available on VOD February 8th, 2022!

Not to be confused with the campy 1981 Mickey Rose high school slasher, 'Student Bodies', which poked fun at the even campier antics of the slasher genre in that era. Student Body follows High school student Jane Shipley (Montse Hernandez) when after a distressing and awkward incident occurs between Jane and her Math teacher, Jane and her childhood friend Merritt (Cheyenne Haynes) to take action against that teacher, driving their already splintered relationship into further turmoil and provoking DEADLY consequences.

The film also stars Harley Quinn Smith (Cruel Summer, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot) and new faces Austin Zajur, Anthony Keyvan, Ty Trumbo and Christian Camargo as Mr. Aunspach.

Student Body is a mix of traditional cliché rebellious teen behavior, drugs, alcohol and a killer who has a look memorable enough to cosplay at a Comic Convention and Halloween parties. It's as if someone never took the time to read the "Scream" manual on how to survive a horror movie. But, although there aren't any new tricks above the surface of Student Body, beneath the surface, Director Lee Ann Kurr wants us to see a different kind of terror. The type that society cannot escape once we leave the movie theater, exit our streaming accounts or turn off the Television. No, the real horror is in the survival of adolescence trapped within its natural habitat. Social Anxiety, the pressure to fit in and even todays "cancel culture" all play a role in this modern day shriekfest.

We never like to give away too much, but there is a message to the madness. And we had the opportunity to speak with Director Lee Ann Kurr about her up coming film to pick her brain about her direction, ideas and inspiration behind this High School slasher.

Check it out below:

Again, Student Body will be available February 8th on all streaming platforms.


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