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For The Love Of Food & Movies: Local Food Pop-Up Teams With Media Company For "Scream" Screening!

The movie theater experience is said to bring people together as they gather around and experience the escapism as one congregation. Well that is exactly what happened when local food pop-up owner of "Ziggy's Smash Burgers" Mike" Ziggy" Devish had a conversation with owner "Keith Klep" Napier.

CritiX Media, for the last 5 years, have covered and reviewed the latest in movies, television and pop culture news including Comic Cons across the country at the same time interviewing some of your favorite television and movie stars. It is a perfect marriage of the two companies.

" We've decided to bring the four things we love together. Our two brains, food and movies."

Says Klep owner of CritiX Media/

The two companies have teamed up to bring a fan experience like no other to their home town in Massachusetts, which will provide a FREE screening of the new Scream [2022] movie hosted at Millbury, Massachusetts at The Blackstone Cinema De Lux. The catch? Well, all any fan of Ziggy's Smash Burgers or the Scream franchise will simply need to do is pre-order a delicious and well sized specialty themed burger meal to attend the screening.

The idea was originally spawned Just last month after Devish surprised his son with a Christmas gift, renting out an entire Showcase theater for he and his friends, to Screen the box-office smash Spider-Man: No Way Home. This inspired a conversation between Mike and CritiX that would then lead to a collaborative treat for Smash and Scream fans in New England.

"Just pick up your pre-order and bracelet. Then meet us at the theater"

Says Devish.

For those of you who haven't heard, Worcester MA’s Mike Devish, aka “Ziggy the Cook,” is a Chef who has built successful pop-ups relying on social media as a means to introduce foodies to his specialty steak and cheese sandwiches.

Chef Mike "Ziggy" Devish at Luck Cafe in Worcester, MA | Photo: Christine Peterson/Telegram & Gazette

Since then, Devish has gone from serving his loyal following Ziggy Bomb Pu Pu Platters, a steak and cheese topped with appetizers from Nancy Chang Chinese Restaurant in Worcester, to The “Zig Mac,” a steak and cheese spinoff of McDonald’s Big Mac which has become Ziggy Bombs top seller. Now, Ziggy is introducing Smash Burgers which for this upcoming Pop-Up, will be themed after characters from the Scream Franchise!

You can see the full menu and details below:

Scream Smash Burger

“ 2 Smashed Patties, fried jalapeños,

topped with Buffalo sauce & topped

with jalapeño cream cheese spread”

Sydney Smash Burger

“ 2 Smashed Patties, spinach, roasted

red peppers, smashed avocado”

Dewey Smash Burger

“ 2 smashed Patties, bacon, onion rings,

American cheese, topped with bbq sauce”

Gale Weathers Smash Burger

“2 smashed Patties, Sautted onions, pickles,

topped with a special scream sauce”

*All Burgers Come with Fries & Soda

Pre order your SMASH burger for $25

Then come watch SCREAM 2022 with us for free!

Pre-Orders are available NOW until 1/11/22. The Pop-Up will take place in Worcester MA at the historical Miss Worcester Diner [300 Southbridge St, Worcester, MA] on 1/14/22 from 5pm - 8pm. There customers will pick up their pre-orders and bracelet to attend the free screening at Blackstone Cinema De Lux [70 Worcester-Providence Turnpike, Millbury, MA]. Screening begins at 9:45PM Sharp.

To preorder your Smash Burger and attend the Scream screening you can choose and place your order from the menu above by sending your money to Venmo: Ziggythecook1 or Cashapp: $Ziggythecook. Your name and info will be attached so we can track and prepare your orders for pick up on January 14th at Miss Worcester.

For more information contact Mike Devish via his Instagram @Ziggythecook or CritiX at @wearecritix via their Instagram. Seats are limited to 100 and will go fast so you don't want to miss out! Additional gifts, prizes and live trivia stream will be on site. SEE YOU THERE!


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