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Film: Game Night Starring: Jason Bateman, Rachel Mcadams Director: Mark Perez Review: Klep Napier Rating: 3X's out of 5X's Let the games begin! Listen folks. Do not let the rating fool you. Game Night is pretty funny at times. It’s just also lazy and predictable in most places. Jason Bateman plays Max Davis an over achiever in the realm of game competition. He's a trivia master, a scrabble wordsmith and a jenga ninja. His wife? (#RachelMcAdams) Well, she's not too shabby herself. After all, games are what brought the two together. In fact every week Max and his wife Annie host game night with their friends but on this particular night, the stakes of the game rise to a level to which no one is prepared. The two and their friends are challenged to find Max's kidnapped older brother (#KyleChandler).

What was suppose to be a murder mystery game staged by Max's brother, turns out to be a real kidnapping unknowingly to Max and friends. Now we know this sounds super exciting on paper, but the fact of the matter is the funniest moments are when you allow yourself to not take this film too seriously at all and just go with it. Batman's wit and sarcasm however take center stage and will leave you wanting him to be in every scene. Beyond that, this is truly a one man show. Supporting cast include New Girl's comedian #LamorneMorris and also #JessePlemonswhose hilarious awkward creepy neighbor bit wins every time. Other than Batman, he's the most memorable character. But overrall, if that sarcastic witty humor is your thing then you're ready for a pretty fun Game Night! Not a bad date flick so couple up for this one!

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