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Game Of Thrones’s Kit Harington cast as ‘Black Knight’ in ‘Marvel’s The Eternals’!

It was just yesterday reports surfacedsaying Game of Thrones star Kit Harington would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, it's been officially revealed Harington will be playing Dane Whitman in Marvel's The Eternals due out next year. The character might be better known to fans as Black Knight, the wielder of Marvel's iconic Ebony Blade.

For the uninitiated, Black Knight is another superhero moniker used by more than one character through the vast Marvel history — Whitman just so happens to be the most famous character to pick up the sword. First appearing in The Avengers #47 as himself before becoming Black Knight in The Avengers #48, Whitman's a genius-level intellect with all kinds of gadgetry at his disposal. He's also a master swordsman, which allows him to put the Ebony Blade — a mystical sword — with ease.

Coincidentally enough, Whitman has also been involved in a romantic relationship with the Eternal Sersi, who's being played by Captain Marvel star Gemma Chan. Chan's situation is the first time a major actor has played two big roles in the MCU.

Originally, the famed Ebony Blade was supposed to appear in Doctor Strange, though propmaster Barry Gibbs previously admitted it was pulled from the final cut from the film.

"It was [going to be in the movie]," Gibbs said when the solid black blade was pointed out. "That was going to go into a book called the Lexicon of Relics, but the Ebony Blade was taken out of the script. I don't quite know why. Again, as things evolved, it wasn't pertinent to the script. Things just moved on."

The Eternals is set to bow November 6, 2020!


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