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Last night if you were among the millions tuning into How to get away with murder, you probably felt as let down as we did whereas this particular episode was mediocre at best. The payoff however, didn't happened until during its third act in what HTGAWM is known best for. During their montage leading to their cliffhanger know for setting up the next episode, something chilling and jaw dropping happened. Click away now because the spoilers are about to get real!

Real fans of How to get away with murder know what Annalise Keating has been up against when dealing with a certain class action law suit and the clearing of the name of Nate's father. Well all has come to an end and the efforts of Mrs. Keating just weren't enough to push the case forward, so we thought...

While everyone is sobbing and licking their wounds after a defeat, Michaela aka minnie Keating as we like to call her, rushes out the door refusing to take an 'L' for an answer. Thats "loss" for those who aren't so hip. She rushes to Annalise's apartment with determination and a hunger that we haven't seen from Michaela since maybe season one but thats neither here nor there. Michaela insists that Annalise not take no for an answer and reminds her that "Nobody does anything worth while alone" as once told to her by Annalise. Michaela continues with "Thats why you need to know people, people with power, people with influence, who fix things!" does that someone sound familiar yet? Well keep scrolling drown.

Annalise is convinced by Michaela to reach out to a one Olivia Pope to correct the things needed in order to succeed at winning her class action suit. YES! The crossover has not only finally happened, but it looks like its happening full force in the next episode! Shit is about to rain down on the justice system and we cannot wait to see it happen.

Comment your thoughts below. Are you as excited as we are to see Olivia and Annalise team up!??

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