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Is Hulu here to save the day? It looks like that may possibly be the case as the online streaming service is seriously open to reviving the recently canceled Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist.

After the announcement that Netflix would not be renewing the likes of Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, and Luke cage it was thought that there was a chance that the shows may be picked up by Disney’s streaming service Disney+.

Alas this looks to not be the case as there has been no news that this will happen.

This is a prime opportunity for Hulu to swoop in and save us distressed fans. Hulu currently has a great relationship with Marvel as they stream Runaways, a Marvel/Hulu original series. Runaways just got picked up for a third season with Hulu having room and expressing interest in the former Netfilx shows.

According to Craig Erwhich, who is the Hulu senior vice president of originals

“Marvel has a ton of titles we’d be intrested in. It kind of depends on when they’re ready and who, most importatly is going to be behind these things.“

Will the Devil of Hells Kitchen, Harlem’s hero for hire, and the Immortal Iron Fist see new life with Hulu?

‘Marvel’s The Punisher‘ just premiered its 13 episode season 2 January 18th on Netflix, but has yet to be cancelled or renewed by the streaming service. While Jessica Jones is set to release her third season this year with no release date announced, talks of a renewl or cancellation.

Only time will tell.

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