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John Wick 4 adds Donnie Yen alongside Keanu Reeves!

Hollywood seems to be getting back into the swing of thing when it comes to scheduled theatrical releases and with that alone, it’s enough to be excited to get back into seats with buckets of popcorn. But now, we have John Wick news certain to keep us drooling to get back to the silver screen.

Deadline reports, Donnie Yen has been set by director Chad Stahelski to star with Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4 for Lionsgate. Yen will play an old friend of Reeves’ super assassin John Wick, who shares his same history and many of the same enemies.

Yen is known for his unique style of contemporary screen combat. His popularity extends worldwide from roles in such features as The IP Man franchise and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

John Wick producers Basil Iwanyk and Stahelski has this to say:

“We are very lucky to have Donnie Yen join the franchise,” said Stahelski. “I am looking forward to working with him in this exciting new role.”

Added Iwanyk:

“Donnie Yen will bring a vibrant and powerful energy to the franchise. We were determined to bring him on board to John Wick 4 and are thrilled for the opportunity to have such a major talent to collaborate with Keanu.”

John Wick 4 is writen by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch, produced by Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee and Stahelski, with Reeves and Louise Rosner executive producers.

Production is said to begin this summer shooting on location in France, Germany and Japan.


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