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Now a days passionate movie buffs and opinionated "geeks' alike have really taken charge on the internet. There isn’t any fooling the casual fan anymore, and almost no fan boy or girl just settles for anything less than what they feel they deserve. Face it, fandom makes or breaks the success of any project because without the fans there wouldn't be a successful project. But is corporate America listening?

President and co-founder of Legion M, Jeff Annison, along with co-founder Paul Scanlan have found the solution to amplify the voice of die hard fans who want to make a real difference in the way Hollywood entertains us!

Ladies and gentlemen Legion M is the first fan owned entertainment company that allows you, yes YOU the fan, to invest in films, television series and even video games all hand picked, funded and produce in partnership with major/ independent movie studios and content creators.

How does this work you ask? Well we had a chance to speak with President and co-founder Jeff Annison, at this years Wondercon in Anaheim CA, and here’s what he wanted you to know about Legion M!

Legion M is responsible for funding such films as ‘Mandy’ starring Nicolas Cage, ‘Bad Samaritan’ with David Tennant, the newly wrapped Jay and Silent Bob sequel to the 2001 ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ starring Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes, and also, the fantastic fantasy bio pic about author J.R.R Tolkien [Creator of The Lord Of The Ring’s series].

Tolkein is set to be released May 10th, 2019 under Fox Searchlight which shows the type of partnerships Legion M has built along the way.

“ Our long term goal, our logo the ‘M’ with the bar over it, is the roman numeral for one million. Because our long term goal is to unite one million fans as the shareholders of the company “ —Jeff Annison

The vision is clear and you too can be apart of something bigger than yourself and it will cost you nothing to start the process!

Legion M is free to the public. Simply visit and join then bam, you’re now apart of the community which sits a whopping 75,000 strong to date and is still growing. Fans across the world are slowly but surly taking over the entertainment business and you can be apart of the growth thus far.

For more information and to learn how you too can invest in movies, television shows, video games and also gain free swag visit Legion M on all major social platforms including their website above.


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