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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Show: Luke Cage Season: 2 Starring: Michael Colter, Rosarios Dawson, Musa Feshakir, Theo Rossi, Finn Jones, Alfre Woodward, Simone Missick, Antonique smith Showrunner: Cheo Hodari Cocker Review: Klep Napier Rating: 4X out of 5X Marvel just won't seem to let up! The careful casting, the care within the writing all take center stage with #LukeCage Season 2 but it's not without its minor flaws. Lets start by saying this isnt just a Luke Cage story. No, this time around show runner #CheoHodariCocker allows us to get to know even the smallest characters within Cage's world. Harlem isn't just a city, it's a people and now, since the death of head man in charge Cottonmouth, Harlem appears to be up for grabs.

When we left season one it appeared that Mariah 'Black Mariah' Stokes (#Alfrewoodward) was left incharge with the help of partner/associate Shades (#theorossi). But now Harlem and Mariah have a new threat in town by the name of #TheBushMaster.

And he has come for the thrown with great motivation. The Bushmaster is a worthy opponient that not even Luke Cage is ready to handle. His character has depth with a chilling personality, but there is a coolness about him as well. Marvel tends to bring villains who seem to have a tint of Anti-hero in them. Bush Master is no different. There are some returning memebers as well such as that keep you familiar with the journey such as the "Night Nurse" #ClaireTemple (#Rosario Dawson) and of course how could we forget none other than #MistyKnight (#Simomemissick) who both are dealing with there own demons this season which keeps you engaged throughout as the main plot thickens around our Hero. This seasons pace flows a lot smoother and the soundtrack is just as 'hittin' as it's first season. With each episode name after a track performed by hiphop legends @realpeterock and @therealCLsmooth, Show runner Cheo gives acknowledgment to the culture of black people and black music in New York city.

Giving this season the same authentic feel as it's predecessor. What didnt work for us, was the underdevelopement of certain leading characters. With 13 episodes, we would've hope that we go less of back n forth with our protagonist and antagonist and more arc within supporting leads. For example: **SPOILER ALERT** with as much screen time and story that we get from Misty Knight, it would have been cool to finally get glimpse of the iconic 'vigilante' at work. Notice we said vigilante and not officer? The ending of the series may leave you scratching your head with misunderstanding but over all serves as a good little cliffhanger to keep you dangling until season 3. Overall better cast, better pace but a bit underwhelming with character growth for our heroes. Name still suggest you give this a go! Cage is here to stay! Check out Season 2 trailer HERE: LUKE CAGE SEASON: 2 Trailer


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