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Marvel legends Juggernaut Rogue VS Marvel legends X-men Retro Card Rogue By Mayhem Maddness!

When looking at theses 2 figures, The Marvel Legends Juggernaut wave Rogue and the Marvel Legends X-Men Retro Card Rogue I was thinking which is better.

Rogue made her debut in Avengers Annual #10 and If your a Marvel Legends collector you know the secondary market for the OG Juggernaut Wave Rogue was insane! If you didn't catch her retail (and she was nearly impossible to find at some points), you were paying upwards of $150, $175, even $200 for her. As for the retro card release, it came in at $24.99 and even with scalpers on their mission she was fairly easy to find in store.

The body is pretty much the same. Articulation is your average Marvel Legends movements. Body accessories are also the same on both. Are there any differences? Some but not many. The paint applications on the juggernaut wave are a dark color. Dark shade of yellow and a dark metallic-like green as with the Retro Card Rogue we get a bright and vibrant yellow and a tad bit brighter metallic-like green. The jacket is also a dark brown on the juggernaut Rogue as is the Retro Card jacket is, but just a brighter brown.

No added accessories for juggernaut Rogue but we were lucky to get 2 accessories with the Retro card release. A gloved hand grasping her glove and a ungloved hand for Rogue ability to absorb someone's life force or powers. The big difference lies in the Head sculpt. Flesh tone paint is more bright with added blush to the cheeks on the Retro release as with the juggernaut release the flesh tone was more dark and even with blush added it did not liven the face portrait like the Retro card. The hair on juggernaut Rogue is sculpted flowing back as with the Retro Card while it's sculpted back, the front is more full. Looks more lively and resembles her comic book likeness a lot more.

I'm my opinion the Retro Card Rogue topples over the OG Rogue release with few additions added but that's my personal opinion. What's yours? Which Marvel Legends Release of Rogue is your Favorite?

-Mayhem Maddness


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