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McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Carrie Kelley [Review] By Mayhem Maddness

When I saw we were finally getting a Dark Knight Returns Collection from McFarlane Toys listen, I was super hyped cause I knew that meant Carrie Kelley was on her way!

Carrie makes her first appearance in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1. Straight out the box this piece was exactly what I was expecting. The classic red, green and yellow Robin outfit looks great with the flesh tone. We get a little detailed texture applied to the costume but not much but this works. Sometime less is better an that works with Kelley.

Where McFarlane Toys makes up for this is in the cape. For the little body on Kelley, the capes texture brings this figure to life. But my favorite part of this figure has to be the head sculpt. I LOVE IT! McFarlane Toys captured the likeness of Carrie really well. The texture in Carrie's icon hair looks great and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't have wanted a alternate head sculpt with a different expression. Articulation is standard for Carrie but I found the toe articulation stood out to me when posing her.

Accessories: The only additions is Carrie's slingshot. To be completely honest I would have liked to some alternate hands. Fisted hands would have looked great for fighting poses with Batman but hey I'm not complaining. Todd is showering down these blessings in plastic form. We also get the base body for Batman's horse which I'll be covering at a later time when complete. If your thinking of getting this collection listen here, stop thinking and DO IT! This figure is FIRE!

-Mayhem Maddness


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