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Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender, and Hugh Jackman being eyed to play Dr Doom!

Kevin Feige has confirmed that Marvel’s working on a Fantastic Four reboot, following the Disney/Fox merger, promising that they’ll treat the First Family in the way they deserve. Presumably, this also includes Doctor Doom. The studio will have to find the perfect actor to play Victor Von Doom in the MCU to make up for Fox’s many failed attempts to do him justice though and it seems they’re currently keeping their options open. reported that they had heard a trio of names that are on Marvel’s wishlist for Doom. Spectre‘s Christoph Waltz is one of them, but the other two are veterans of the X-Men franchise. The studio is apparently considering getting Hugh Jackman to swap Wolverine for Doom, or failing that, they may try to bring Magneto star Michael Fassbender in for the job.

To clarify, this isn’t saying that Fassbender’s been contacted yet about the part, just that he’s on an internal wishlist for the role. As interesting as it would be to see him as Doom though, it seems unlikely that he’d accept the part. Jackman may like the sounds of playing a very different Marvel character to Wolverine, but Fassbender might feel that Magneto and Doom, as two noble supervillains, are too similar. Then again, who knows?

What this seems to tell us though is that Marvel wants to respect the legacy of Fox’s X-Men franchise and bring back some of the stars from those films. Similar, perhaps, to how J.K. Simmons recently made a cameo as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Maybe Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool might not be the only one who returns in the MCU, after all.

In any case, all three of these actors would give very different interpretations of Doctor Doom, so it looks like Marvel’s still trying to figure out how to best portray him in the franchise. If they want to make sure that he has gravitas this time though, you can certainly see why Fassbender’s in their sights.

Go Marvel!

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