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'Mickey's Mouse Trap' A New Twisted Horror Gets First Trailer!

The house of mouse is no longer safe in this new twisted take on the Iconic Disney character.

Yesterday was January 1st, 2024, and for some it will be known as the first official day of the year. But for others, it will be known as the FIRST official day that Disney's Steamboat Willie aka the first iteration of who we now know as Mickey Mouse was thrusted into public domain!

What does that mean you ask? Well it's simple. It means that the original design and creation of said character is up for creative grabs. This includes, Film, books, and Animation as well. Now, someone or someones have taking the liberty of being right on schedule with their trailer release of new horror film Mickey's Mouse Trap.

Heres the synopsis: “It’s Alex’s 21st birthday, but she’s stuck at the amusement arcade on a late shift so her friends decide to surprise her, but a masked killer dressed as Mickey Mouse decides to play a game of his own with them which she must survive.”

You can check out the first trailer below!

The film stars new faces, Sophie McIntosh, Callum Sywyk, Allegra Nocita, Ben Harris, Damir Kovic, Mackenzie Mills, Nick Biskupek and Simon Phillips and was produced by Paul Whitney, Mark Popejoy, Alexander Gausman and Andrew Agopsowicz, with Filmcore’s Mem Ferda co-producing.

There is no official release date or platform distribution, but it is said that producers are aiming for March release. But we will keep you all posted.


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