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Early this morning The Russo Brothers and Marvel released trailer #2 for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. What we also notice, was that a certain Avenger appears to have reconnected with his fellow Avengers safe and sound! Yes we’re talking about non other than Tony Stark.

In the first trailer we see Tony trapped in outter space leaving Pepper Potts a farewell message, stating that he had only 24 hours to live.

This led us to believe that Tony would possibly be trapped in outer space til his last breath.

But now if you look closely in the near end of the newest trailer, as the Avengers have assembled, you will see that Tony has joined them on whatever mission they’re set to embark on. All suited up in what appears to be suits built for quantum travel!

Looks like the bands all back together and just like we're sure you are, we're just as overwhelmed with excitement!

We cannot wait for this...

but until then CritiX, click below to see Tony along side his fellow Avengers!

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26th, 2019!!


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