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Film: Polar

Starring: Madas Mikkelsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick, Fei Ren, Matt Lucas, Josh Cruddas, Richard Dreyfus Johnny Knoxville

Director: Jonas Akerlund

Review: Dion Hall

Rating: 3.5X’s out of 5X’s


If you find yourself staying in on the weekend; searching for the nights entertainment, head over to Netflix and check out Polar. Straight off the pages of the Dark Horse graphic novels written and illustrated by Victor Santos Polar is packed with action making for an entertaining film. Polar is cut from the mold of some of the most popular action films in recent memory, similar to a Kill Bill Vol 1 or John Wick. Polar is filled with guns, women, fight scenes, and obnoxious villains. Polar can be summed up as a cross between "The Professional" and "Smoking Aces". From minute one you are thrown into the action as you enter the world of professional assassins. You are immediately presented with the top two elements that make for a good action film, sex and violence. The premise of the Polar is basically kill or be killed . Polars main character Duncan Vizla aka Black Kaiser is preparing to enter retirement after a long career as the world's top assassin. Vizla is an employee of the Damocles Corporation, a private security firm. As Vizla gets ready to close one chapter of his life to enter another, Vizla becomes a target of Damocles. Damocles sees Vizla and other retired assassins as a means to fix a problem they’ve ran into. Vizla must now take on Damocles to ensure he stays alive to have a retirement. As you know as it states on the film poster “If the job doesn’t kill you, Retirement will.” In the film Vizla also befriends a young woman named Camille played by Vanessa Hudgens. The two meet in the town of Triple Oak, Montana where Vizla has taken residence. Camille becomes a target of Damocles by association which forces Vizlas hand as her safety is a high priority. What follows is an individual taking on a whole company of fellow assassins and trained henchmen all with the intention of seeing the demise of Duncan Vizla.

This film is a fun watch full of gun fights, witty banter, and strangely awkward yet entertaining scenes. Polar doesn’t have an overall serious feel to it with it being a bit comedic in its approach. Polar has a decent pace and a relatively average run time so you aren’t investing a ton of time watching. All in all Polar is a great time passer. I don’t see it becoming cult classic, it’s not a film with a complex plot, and it isn't innovative. Polar simply follows the mold of its predecessors and from that you get an overall solid film. All you gotta do is sit back and enjoy the action. We at Critix give Polar 3.5 out of 5Xs.

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