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Queen Latifah Talks Changes To Equalizer Amid Her Former Co-Star Chris Noth Assault Allegations!

It was back in December, in a story in The Hollywood Reporter, when two women came forward with detailed allegations of sexual assault – a decade apart – against Actor Chris Noth, (Sex In The City, Equalizer) The two woman accused Noth of rape in LA in 2004 and New York City in 2015.

Aside his return to Sex in The City, on The Equalizer show, Noth played William Bishop which was pivotal role. Amid Allegations, Noth was subsequently fired from CBS show. Noth's Co-Star, Queen Latifah had been quiet on the matter until she spoke with Julie Moran at People (the TV Show!) about the situation.

“It’s still surreal. It is such a dicey, delicate situation that requires a great deal of respect,” she said. “That’s a personal thing that he’s going to have to deal with., Chris’s character’s obviously a big part of the show and it was amazing chemistry, amazing chemistry,And my feeling is justice has to prevail regardless. I just want the right things to be done, you know?”

Said Latifah.

Since the allegations were made public, Noth was accused by Law & Order actor Zoe Lister-Jones of sexually inappropriate behavior just hours after the claims and he was dropped by his agency – A3 Artists Agency, in addition to having a Peleton ad pulled from rotation.

As for how The Equalizer will deal with William Bishop’s disappearance, Latifah commented,

“We are figuring out what we want to do creatively on the show and how we’re going to deal with that character.”
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