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Stand Out Super-Bowl 2022 Commercials!

Every year Millions of dollars get spent to keep you entertained during Football's biggest night in Sports. Some would argue that commercials during the event would come second to kick-off. And lets say neither one of your teams were playing, well then they commercials would come first.

Last night the Super Bowl held nothing back between plays, airing commercials that were everything from brand new Marvel trailers to iconic brand team ups to even bringing back some of your favorite movie characters so shed light on cars, products and services.

Here are our picks for top Super Bowl 2022 Commercials!

The Sopranos : The Next Generation

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Robert Iler returned as Meadow and A.J. Soprano in a new Checy commercial. We thought for a second it was a new Chevrolet Suburban considering it was the vehicle their TV Father Tony (James Gandolfini) was known to drive in the series.

Cheated out of the surprise by an early release on the internet earlier this week, Mike Meyers return as the evil Dr. Evil from Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery, but boy was it still a treat. Meyers also brought along his former co-stars to play. Seth Green as Scott Evil, Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina and Rob Lowe as Young #2. The four plotting to save the world, then destroying it while promoting an initiative to promote Electrical cars by General Motors.

Every wanted to go to the actual Flavor Town? Well Guy Fieri brought Flavor Town to us while lending a hand to Bud Light for the company's latest ad.

Nothing was more Iconic than the return of Ernie "Chip" Douglas played by none other than Jim Carrey! Here, we see Carrey learning about Verizon's near NON-cable plan, that like most of us, he finds too good to be true! Neither the less is so much fun seeing Carrey bring back such an iconic character.

Two questions. Who doesn't love new cars and second, who doesn't love Schitt's Creek? Nissan brought the cast of the series and didn't stop there with cameos from Dave Batista, Brie Larson and Danai Gurira. It's a fun one!

Rocket Mortgage knew exactly how to play to its audience who show all showed up for the Half-Time show. Nostalgia always wins and in this case, it won the night as far as were concerned. Anna Kendrick pops in as children play with the most Iconic Mattel toys from the 80's. And if you were a kid in the 1980's, its just so much fun that you pretty much forget what they're even selling.

The most anticipated movie trailer of the year made a grand entrance as the first trailer just before kickoff. Marvel's Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness shocked and did not disappoint as it aired a 30 sec spot prompting you then "see the full trailer online" then took over the internet seconds after, during the big game. Marvel sure knows how to disrupt with pleasure.

Tell us which Super Bowl trailers stood out to you?


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