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Come on now, we all know the second biggest reason we watch the Super bowl isn't just for the over produced, corporate sponsored half time show and or all the wacky commercial spots. No, it of course is for all the new movie trailers and tv spots! Have no fear movie buffs! Just incase a few bathroom breaks left you in the dark, CritiX is hear to keep you well informed of all the hot new movie trailers and tv spots you may have missed during the course of the evening!

Red Sparrow - Starring: Jennifer Lawrence

More femme fatale spy stuff. But wait, Jennifer Lawrence. SOLD!

A Quiet Place - Starring: Emily Blunt

Another one of those horror films that got a spring time release date. Probably will get a PG13 rating as well.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Starring: Chris Pratt

Mega box-office success is back with a sequel to the already successful franchise. Though not a new trailer, there is plenty of new footage to gaze at in this one!

SOLO : A Star Wars Story - Starring: Alden Ehrenreich

Well its about damn time! Set to release May 2018, we feel as though Disney may have dropped the ball promoting this film. But damn it looks gooooood! Don't blink or you may miss a shot of a one Young Lando Calrissian!

Sky Scraper - Starring: Dwayne Johnson

Another one Rock? Reaaallllyy? *Kevin Hart voice*

Mission Impossible: Fallout - Starring: Tom Cruise

Ethan Hunt is back to his impossible missions and stunts. We've got to tell you, this one doesn't look all too bad.

Cloverfield: Paradox - Starring: Daniel Bruhl

SURPRISE!!! They dropped this prequel to the cult classic Cloverfield TONIGHT! Sneaky little Netflix you.

Avengers: Infinity War - Starring: Robert Downey Jr./Chris Evans and More...

Don't worry about spoilers fan boys and girls. This TV spot was just enough to get your beak wet without drowning you. Plenty of new footage without a single slip of plot information. Trust us!

There you have! Tell us, which one are you most excited for!!??


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