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'The Dungeon Masters Jukebox' , Music inspired By The D&D Motion Picture Is On Its Way!

We are excited to announce the release of THE DUNGEON MASTER’S JUKEBOX (Music Inspired By Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves) with music by GRAMMY®-winning composer Lorne Balfe. Now available on all platforms.

In celebration of the Vinyl release of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) out today, Balfe has put together a selection of themes for this album -THE DUNGEON MASTER’S JUKEBOX, all inspired by the world of Dungeons and Dragons. This album embodies ethereal melodies, haunting uilleann pipes, soul-stirring fiddles, and gentle harps, transporting you to misty moors and ancient forests. The grand orchestral arrangements weave a tapestry of epic proportions, sweeping you through heroic quests and mythical encounters.

Composer Lorne Balfe reflects on the inspiration behind the album - The Dungeon Master’s Jukebox is a collection of the themes which were created for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Movie. I wanted the listener to be able to embark on a mystical, magical, musical ride and by the press of a button, be transported to other realms filled with dragons, wizards, danger, and wonder. This album is for the explorers, story tellers & day dreamers, the stage is set, and the dice are cast. Enjoy! 

The vinyl editions of the full motion picture soundtrack for DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES is also out now. Available on both black and colored vinyl.



Tracklisting –

  1. Holga Kilgore

  2. Edgin’s Journey

  3. Xenk Yendar

  4. Doric’s Theme

  5. Friendship Forged

  6. The Red Wizard

  7. The Gang

  8. Homelands

  9. Kira’s Theme

  10. Holga’s Pride


ABOUT LORNE BALFE GRAMMY-winning, and EMMY & BAFTA-nominated composer Lorne Balfe has created music in virtually all genres and for all visual media with projects ranging from major studio to independent films, tent pole video game franchises, beloved animated feature films, critically acclaimed television series, and documentary features.  

Consistently receiving accolades for his musical compositions, he received critical acclaim for his score in the most successful film of the Mission Impossible franchise, Writer/Director Christopher McQuarrie’s MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT (Paramount Pictures) and has also scored MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7, releasing in July 2023.  

Balfe worked on the critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated TOP GUN: MAVERICK (Paramount), which garnered 1.488 billion in the global box office. Lorne served as Score Producer and contributed to the score alongside Hans Zimmer, Harold Faltermeyer, and Lady Gaga.  

He recently composed the music for the highly praised LUTHER: FALLEN SUN (Netflix), the continuation to the beloved BBC series, and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: HONOR AMONG THIEVES (Paramount) based on the much beloved and celebrated tabletop game. 

Other notable credits include BLACK WIDOW (Disney/Marvel), AMBULANCE (Universal), JUNGLELAND (Paramount), THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE (Warner Bros), and the Oscar nominated film THE FLORIDA PROJECT (A24). Coming up Lorne’s work will be heard in ARGYLLE directed by Matthew Vaughn.


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