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"The Wonder Years" Exclusive Clip Mentions Activist H. Rap Brown & Black Panther Bobby Seale!

ABC'S The Wonder Years reboot has the internet choosing sides as to whether or not it will live up to its predecessor by the same name. Only until recently, The Wonder Years had only known to be the catapult which starred young actor at the time, Fred Savage as lead.

The series tracked life in the turbulent late 1960s and early '70s through the eyes of the increasingly less innocent Kevin Arnold (Savage) and his family, but being that the cast was primarily white, the more urban social issues were never addressed throughout the entire five year/ six season run.

But this NEW version promises to show a bit more diversity in its storytelling by not recasting its characters, but by focusing on an entirely different family during 1960's in America. Specifically Black American Family.

In this exclusive clip, we see just how different topics will unfold within The Williams household as daughter Kim (Laura Kariuki) banters back and forth with her parents Bill and Lillian (Dule Hill & Saycon Sengbloh) about notable activist of the 1960's, in order to avoid the burdens of college.

See below:

This is a clip from the pilot episode which premieres September 22th only on ABC. The Wonder Years will be follow a similar format being narrated by none other as Don Cheadle as the adult version of Dean Williams (Elisha Williams).

Here is full Synopsis of the pilot below:

As the youngest in the Williams family, Dean is struggling to figure out where he fits in. Between his brother’s athleticism, sister’s popularity, mother’s intelligence and dad’s overall coolness, everyone else seems to have their lane figured out. He decides to pursue his calling as “The Great Uniter” and attempts to organize the first integrated baseball game between his team and his friend Brad’s team.

Are you excited to see the revival of The Wonder Years?


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