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Universal pictures has just released the new poster for the upcoming Jordan Peele project titled "US".

Jordan Peele, most commonly known for the comedic sketch duo Jordan and Peele has since been dubbed the new Master of horror and suspense after his award winning triumph for best screenplay on the film 'Get Out'.

Since then Peele has signed on to numerous projects such as Lovecraft Country, Candyman reboot and he is also set to host a reboot of the television classic The Twilight Zone. Peele is on a role to say nonetheless. But let's talk about the now. Check out this new creepy poster released today from Universal from the mind of Jordan Peele.

The story follows a mother and a father who take their kids to their beach house expecting to enjoy time with friends. But their serenity turns to tension and chaos when some visitors arrive uninvited.

The project is written and directed by Peele and stars Elizabeth Moss [Handsmaid's Tale], Anna Diop [Titans], and Lupita Nyong'o [Black Panthers]

No word on an official trailer but it is set to be dropping soon! We will keep you all up to date with all the details.

Let's us know, are you excited for more from the mind of Jordan Peele?


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