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Walmart is teaming up with Tribeca to turn select Walmart parking lots into drive-in movie theaters.

Walmart spokeswoman Lemia Jenkins announced today that starting in August they will be launching a new program in partnership with Tribeca Enterprises to transform 160 Walmart parking lots into fully functioning drive-in movie theaters. The locations and the lineup of movies are still unknown but will be made available on a new Walmart Drive-In website. Whether the movies will be new releases or cult classics has also yet to be announced. However admission will be free of charge. Tribeca staff will be present for 320 total showings through October, coordinating the movie screenings, filmmaker and celebrity appearances in addition to delivering concessions to customers vehicles.

This should be welcoming news to moviegoers who are skeptical about visiting their local movie theaters upon reopening. With Covid-19 still looming, this program will give people a much safer socially distanced alternative.


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