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‘Watchmen’ series most likely will not return for season 2!

Despite it’s raving reviews and popularity amongst fans, HBO isn’t interested in renewing Watchman for a second season if creator Damon Lindelof isn’t interested in staying involved.

Why is this even an discussion you ask? Well, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys revealed as much to USA Today on Wednesday, telling the outlet that creator Damon Lindelof really, truly doesn’t want to make a second season. And without Lindelof at the helm, Bloys continued, the network isn’t interested in pursuing a second season either.

“It’s really in Damon’s thinking about what he wants to do,” Bloys said. “If there’s an idea that excited him about another season, another installment, maybe like a Fargo, True Detective[anthology] take on it, or if he wants to do something different altogether. We’re very proud of Watchmen, but what I’m most interested in what Damon wants to do.”

Lindelof also confirmed to USA Today that, again, he has no interest in a second season, but has “given his blessing” to HBO if they wanted to take a crack at it anyway. However, Bloys said that without Lindelof, that’s a no-go. “It would be hard to imagine doing it without Damon involved in some way.

Lindelof, for his part, left at least a little bit of room open when speaking to Vanity Fair in December:

“When I show back up in January, hopefully the antenna will be back up again. If it receives something that feels like it could be another season of Watchmen, I would definitely be inclined to pursue it. There is no guarantee of if and when that’ll happen.” But for now, it seems like a permanent exit.

What it sounds like to us is a bit of writers block. Maybe the success of this series was so unexpected that the creators need to go back to the drawing board without promises, in order to deliver a rival to its first season.

Either way, it was a hell of a ride and we shall keep hope alive. We do know however that Regina King has no reservationa about returning for a second season as she told Variety that she would absolutely return for more Watchmen!

HBO better look her in now while she’s still on board.

Tell us what you think. Are you bummed there won‘t be a season 2 to HBO’s Watchmen? Let us know what you think in the comment.


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