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Whoopi Goldberg’s Casting Revealed In Picard Season 2 Trailer!

El-Aurian bar (Whoopi Goldberg) returns in season 2 trailer for Picard!

Goldberg is returning to the Star Trek universe in season 2 of Paramount+’s Picard, reprising the role of Guinan in multiple episodes. She played the El-Aurian bar hostess on Star Trek: The Next Generation from 1988 to 1993.

Season 2 will take the legendary Jean-Luc Picard and his crew on a Picard must enlist friends both old and new to confront the perils of 21st century Earth in a desperate race against time to save the galaxy’s future – and face the ultimate trial from one of his greatest foes. This will be a bold and exciting new journey: into the past.

“I’m going to need some tea: Earl Grey, piping hot,” she says to an emotional Picard Played by Sir Patrick Stewart in the first trailer for above. Check out the trailer below:

Stewart invited Goldberg to join him in the new series while visiting her ABC talk show The View in Jan. 2020 while promoting the Season 1 premiere.

“I’m here with a formal invitation, and it’s for you, Whoopi." Alex Kurtzman, who is the senior executive producer of Star Trek: Picard, and all his colleagues, of which I am one, want to invite you into the second season.”

Said Stewart.

Without a second thought, Goldberg said yes and continued...

“I’ve said this on the show before, but Star Trek was one of the great experiences, from the beginning to the end,” she told Stewart on The View. “I had the best, best, best time. Best time ever.”

You can catch Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg along with other cast members Alison Pill, Jeri Ryan, Michelle Hurd, Evan Evagora, Orla Brady, Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera, Brent Spiner, Annie Wersching, and guest star John de Lancie in season 2, premiering on March 3rd, 2022!


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