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Actor Armand Assante Opens Up About Gotti 2, Promising Not To Compromise Integrity Of 1996 Film!

It was only a few weeks ago that it had been announced that infamous Mobster John Gotti would be getting a sequel to his 1996 Bio-Pic starring Armand Assante, reprising his roles as the notorious gangster.

The original Gotti film was released over 25 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating and demanding a continuation to the Gotti’s story.

We caught up with Mr. Assante along with Executive Producer, Mike Motta during the newest fan convention “Mob Movie Con” held in Atlantic City, to discuss the exciting details about the upcoming sequel. Mr. Assante promises that while this film will focus on the last 10 years of Gotti's life, which he is unfamiliar with, he will do nothing to compromise the legacy of his previous films.

Heres what Armand had to say:

“You know I would never ah, I would never do anything to compromise the integrity of the original film. And I cannot. But I think that, Iv’e been approached about a Gotti 2 for a long time. It’s not anything new. In fact I was approached again, over two years ago.”

Assante added,

“This will concentrate primarily on the last 10 years of his life In Marion Illinois. The prison. It’s very tragic and brutal, brutal story. But at the same time I will say its adventure, unto itself that would be exciting as the original, but it’s a whole different landscape.”

You can catch the full interview here below:

No word on when Gotti 2 will start production but it has said to be written by Nick Vallelonga (who co-wrote and produced "Green Book") and George Gallo (who wrote "Midnight Run") as well as executive produced by Virtual Cons - parent company behind Mob Movie Convention held in Atlantic City.


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