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Long after 7 seasons and a total of 96 episodes, the network AMC has decided to let go of the geek gods of 'Comic Book Men'. This comes to a surprise to fans and even creator/ producer Kevin Smith. "I think we'll get picked up, we're within 4 episodes from 100, theres no way they'll end it now" Kevin says while reminiscing with his Co-stars about that final moments up until he received a text from General Manager of AMC, Charlie Collier, that they would not be renewing the series for an 8th seasons.

"Creative, everyone voted to do it again, but financially it doesn't make sense" - Charlie Collier.

Kevin didn't seem to upset about the news. In fact, all of the Comic Book Men seemed very grateful for the opportunity and the chance to do what they loved for as long as they had. You can hear the full story and the men talk about the cancellation news and their favorite experiences on the series HERE: "SMODcast" with Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier.

We at CritiX will miss the series for it was a huge influence and played a major part in the birth of our platform. The series shined a bright light on the Comic book community and geek culture alike. We wish the best to Ming Chen, Walter Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Mike Zapcic and of course Kevin Smith. Thank you all for an amazing 7 seasons!

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