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Not quite sure why Hollywood felt that we needed this. After all we are in a different time, but lets get to it shall we? Canadian Music video director Director X has reimagined a classic in the genre of whats known as "Blaxploitation". Superfly, which in the original followed the days in the life of a cocaine dealer in Harlem of 1972, starring actor Ron O'neal as Priest. Priest, (O'neal) Attempts to make one more score before he hangs up his fur coat and retires out the game for good.

[Original 1972]

Actor Ron O'neal 1972

Now what made SuperFly such a stand out film during its time wasn't only its take on the black culture and the street life in Harlem, NY during the 1970's, It was also the smooth soundtrack which set the tone for our anti-hero and that part of New York in which he ran. You can thank the late great Curtis Mayfield for that. Who also had a cameo as he performed one of the soundtracks most popular and catchiest tunes titled "Pusher Man". This soundtrack also helped remix a lot of your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B songs in the 80's and 90's. [See Ice-T and Mary J. Blige] i'm sure you'll find one familiar sample or ten.

The original film later went on to spawn a few not so well received sequels:

SuperFly T.N.T. (1973)

The Return Of SuperFly (1990)...Which Priest (Ron O'neal) was re-casted with actor Nathan Purdee. Yes this really happened.

So now we're talking about a reboot. Today it's very hard for a remake/reboot to hold up to its original. "You just can't recreate that magic" as I like to say. But lets take a look at this brand new recipe of a fresh new cast members, a slew of rap star cameos and an abundance of cash, cars and women shall we? Check out the brand new trailer for Superfly 2018 directed by Director X below.

This looks very "now". Starring new comer Trevor Jackson as the new Priest, Jason Mitchell [Straight Outta Compton] as his partner Eddie, Jacob Ming-Trent, and Andrea Londo. Most of these names you may not recognized but sometimes that can be a recipe for success. We here at CritiX do not believe every film needs a "face" to sell seats. After all it worked out for New Jack City, Menace II Society and Straight Outta Compton.

The boss Rick Ross cameo did not go unnoticed and it appears that this story will take place in the city of Atlanta instead of Harlem, New York which would make OutKast member Big Boi's appears very necessary.

SuperFly hits theaters June 15th 2018


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