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Child’s Play [REVIEW]

Film: Child’s Play

Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, Mark Hamill

Director: Lars Klevberg

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 2.5X’s out of 5X’s

Seems like every time we turn around a movie studio is rebooting a franchise hoping to bring new life to what once was. Is it out of pure passion for that particular project, or is it simply a cash grab? We’ll never know. The newest addition to the reboot genre is the horror classic Child’s Play. You remember, that story about the boy who’s mom buys him a harmless looking doll that then turns out to be possessed by a homicidal serial killer? Well that’s exactly this reboot except the twist is the doll, still dubbed the name Chucky, is a more sophisticated modern A/I gone a-wire and still wants to be Andy’s friend to the end no matter who has to die along the way. Let’s not beat around the bush people. Where Child’s Play wins is this film has mastered modern day creepy but in a Black Mirror kind of way. This film feels exactly like an episode from said show, showing how much of an obsessed society we’ve become by relying on new technology and how it can come back to bite us in the ass. #MarkHamill as the voice of Chucky is the cherry on the top as far as building up the characteristics of a demonic doll. But did we think he would fail at this? No! MVP of this film goes to young #GabrielBateman who’s performance is true to age and relatable to millennial youth today. Who at his age today would actually even want that damn doll in the first place? Well we get real reactions to justify questions like that. Aside from that, his performance out shines even the adults. Beyond those attributes Child’s Play suffers badly. The major losses are that this film is just too damn fictional to take seriously. It’s quite easier to imagine the motives and mannerisms of a possessed doll than that of a mechanical type. Seeing a robot mock human behavior without motive or explanation makes the ride unbearable and down right hilarious at times. But again, this is where if you are a fan of what a series like Black Mirror has to offer, then you will take this film with a grain of salt. But for us here at CritiX, we’re sorry, this Chucky just isn’t a necessary evil. Real horror fans check this one out if you’re just looking to check off a box, but sadly we recommend approaching this one with very low expectations.


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