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Series: Daredevil: Season 3

Starring: Charlie Cox, Elden, Vincent Donorfrio, Deborah Annwoll, Matt Gerald, Jay Ali

Streaming: @netflix

Review: @Klepcx

Rating: 3.5X's out of 5X's

Marvel/Netflix's first street level vigilante #Daredevil has returned for it's third season, and this maybe be it's most gritty and action packed season yet. Picking up right after the events of The Defenders, we find out exactly what happened to blind lawyer Matt Murdock after the Midland Towers seemingly collapsed on top of him and Elektra. Matt struggles with which life he should continue living on as. Is it as Matt Murdock or should he become the Devil of Hell's kitchen full time. Matt believes that the only way to erase all evil is to become it. "Let the devil out". But while Matt struggles with his inner demons, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin has convinced the FBI that he has turned over a new leaf in order to save the love of his life Vanessa. Are the Kingpin's motives genuine? Not if Foggy Nelson and Karen Paige have anything to say about it. Ok, at first glance of the first few episodes Daredevil jumps right into it. It's violent and brutal. Our hero deals with real consequences and real drama. But hasn't that always been Daredevils M.O.? Although very edgy and entertaining Season 3 doesnt do anything different than its past few seasons. Just another hard headed vigilante who, even with a blood filled air passage and severe concussion, he still takes it upon himself to face danger with his life hanging from a thread. This Matt Murdock will have you wondering how one human could handle so much physical & mental trauma and keep on trucking. Let's talk about wins. The series wins because like I said, the suspense is intense and well written. The character development in characters like Agent Ray Nadeem [#JayAli] and even in the rebirth of Kingpin [#VincentDonorfio] are worth the binge watch. The fresh take with a reused villain was as pleasant as unexpected. Vincent owns every scene throughout as we see the Kingpin persona come to life. It's about time. Now let's talk about the losses. The biggest loss for me would have to be Benjamin 'Bullseye' Poindexter [#WilsonBethel] not because his performance was weak. No, not at all. In fact it's that his performance was so impactful yet we never get the payoff we deserve in the end. We've seen Marvel do this many times with Bernthal's Punisher and even Cox's Daredevil. No spoilers but you will have to watch to see what I mean. Bethal's character builds up to an unnecessary cliffhanger in order to bring us back. Other than that daredevil delivers what you expect it to. As hard as it hits, it simply just sings the same ol tune.

Daredevil season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.


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