DC Comics is bringing its own comic convention to you with DC Fandom! [Trailer and Schedule inside]

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

DC has plans to invade the world via the internet not just once, but now twice! Thats right the one scheduled for Saturday August 22nd, DC Fandom has just been extended into a three day event. Now you can catch The Hall Of Superheroes event on August 22nd and then Explore TheMultiverse on September 12th &13th, 2020!


Join fans from all 7 continents for the largest gathering of talent,announcements and content reveals in the history of DC

Check out the break down, trailer and full schedule for both dates below!

  • Hall of Heroes: is where all the major programming will happen such as new content and panels about your favorite DC shows, movies, and games.

  • WatchVerse: features four theatres (like McDuffie’s Dakota which will be celebrating Black nerd culture and its global impact) where fans can watch hours of DC Content.

  • YouVerse: puts the fans at the forefront and displays their art, cosplay, and other fan-made content inspired by the characters and worlds in the DC Universe.

  • InsiderVerse: where fans can take behind-the-scenes looks at how their favorite DC Comics, games, TV Shows, and more were created.

  • FunVerse: is an interactive space where fans can view free digital comics, buy merch, and participate in other “fun” activities.

  • KidsVerse: is a verse made just for kids, featuring a Teen Titans tower and DC Super Hero Girls’ Sweet Justice Cafe.

Hall of Heroes: Saturday, August 22

  • 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET: Wonder Woman 1984 - Panel

  • 10:30 AM PT/1:30 PM ET: Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement

  • 10:45 AM PT/1:45 PM ET: The Sandman Universe: Enter the Dreaming - Panel

  • 11:15 AM PT/2:15 PM ET: Multiverse 101 - Panel

  • 11:40 AM PT/2:40 PM ET: Introducing The Flash - Panel

  • 11:50 AM PT/2:50 PM ET: Beyond Batman

  • 11:55 PM PT/2:55 PM ET: The Suicide Squad - Panel

  • 12:40 PM PT/3:40 PM ET: BAWSE Females of Color Within the DC Universe - Panel

  • 1:00 PM PT/4:00 PM ET: Legacy of the Bat - Panel

  • 1:20 PM PT/4:20 PM ET: Chris Daughtry: Performance

  • 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET: The Joker: Put on a Happy Face

  • 1:45 PM PT/4:35 PM ET: Jim Lee Portfolio Review - DC Super-Villain Fan Art

  • 1:45 PM PT/4:45 PM ET: Surprise DC Comics Panel

  • 2:10 PM PT/5:10 PM ET: I’m Batman: The Voices Behind the Cowl – Panel

  • 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET: The Snyder Cut of Justice League - Panel

  • 2:54 PM PT/5:54 PM ET: The Flash TV Panel

  • 3:10 PM PT/6:10 PM ET: Black Adam - Panel

  • 3:30 PM PT/6:30 PM ET: CNN Heroes: Real-Life Heroes in the Age of Coronavirus

  • 3:50 PM/PT/6:50 PM ET: Titans TV Panel

  • 4:05 PM PT/7:05 PM ET: Aquaman - Panel

  • 4:15 PM PT/7:15 PM ET: "Ask Harley Quinn"

  • 4:20 PM PT/7:20 PM ET: Wonder Woman 80th Celebration - Panel

  • 4:25 PM PT/7:25 PM ET: Tomorrow's Super Heroes with Jim Lee brought to you by Gold House

  • 4:40 PM PT/7:40 PM ET: SHAZAM! - Panel

  • 4:50 PM PT/7:50 PM ET: Wonder Woman 1984 - The WW84 Cast Play ‘Werewolf 1984’

  • 5:10 PM PT/8:10 PM ET: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

  • 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET: The Batman - Panel

WatchVerse: Saturday, September 12 - September 13

  • The Flash - Panel

  • Pennyworth - Panel

  • Black Lightning - Panel

  • Doom Patrol - Panel

  • All Super-Villains - Panel

  • The Expansion of DC's Watchmen Universe - Panel

  • Legion of Super Heroes - Panel

  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow

  • Young Justice - Cast Audio Play Performance and Panel

  • Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons - Panel

  • Titans - Panel

  • Lucifer - Panel

  • DC Showcase Collection - Batman: Death in the Family - Panel