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Its only been a few months since the DC Universe app launched, premiering their all new live action team of superheroes ‘Titans’. Even before it was recived well or badly, it was renewed for a second season. and Now with a newer season, it’s only right they there be newer threats!

It was announced today that one of the new additions to the cast will be Esai Morales [How To Get Away With Murder], who will be playing Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson, the fearsome mercenary and assassin who just so happens to be the archenemy of Dick Grayson. The actor, best known for his work on NYPD Blue, Jericho, Caprica, Criminal Minds, and Ozark, is sure to be a wonderful addition to the series. Here's the character bio from the show's producers:

Slade Wilson is known for being DC’s deadliest assassin. While serving his country, Slade became an elite soldier before government testing enhanced his physiology to near superhuman levels, putting him on a path of darkness and revenge. To his family, Slade is a father and husband, but to the rest of the world, he is feared by many as the infamous Deathstroke; selling his services to the highest bidder as the ruthless assassin that never gives up and never misses.

This is far from the first time that Deathstroke has appeared in the flesh, as recent incarnations of the character have seen Manu Bennett (Spartacus) playing the assassin on CW's Arrow and Joe Manganiello (True Blood) briefly playing the role in the post-credit sequence in JUSTICE LEAGUE. In addition to Deathstroke, the second season of Titans will also include Superboy and Krypto, who were both teased at the conclusion of the first season.

CritiX, we cannot wait to see how season 2 comes out! We will keep you all posted as more developes.


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