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Film: Death Wish

Starring: Bruce Willis, Dean J Norris,

Kimberly Elise, Vincent Donofrio, Cami Morrone

Director: Eli Roth

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 4X's out of 5X's

Ok, without comparing this film to it's original 1974 version starring #Charlesbronson, let me just say that this film was thrill ride straight through! Now when comparing this film to the 1974 original, it was a major upgrade and, again, one hell of thrill ride! Director #EliRoth(#IngloriousBastards, #CabinFever, #Hostel) revives the classic with Bruce Willis as Dr. Paul Jersey, a mild mannered family man who is stricken with a desire for revenge after his wife and daughter are violently injured in their home during a home invasion gone wrong! Willis then takes the law into his own hands and seeks justice on those involved in his families incident and even those who are not.

The vigilante is reborn and you will root for the anti-hero throughout. What the film will tackle is guns and gun law, and the police protocols or lack there of. But it's not preachy at all. You may spend a lot of time thinking about recent tragedies that have happened in current events and question your morals. What would you do if you were placed in the same predicament as our anti-hero? At what point should we be allowed to protect ourselves and the ones we love and at what cost? This film was down right entertaining and cool. We hope that they continue the legacy of Charles Bronson and revive the sequels as well! See this movie if you love a great comeback/revenge plot where justice is being served cold!

[Charles Bronson, Death Wish 1974]

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