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Film: Den Of Thieves Starring: Pablo Schreiber, 50 Cent, Gerard Butler,Dawn Olivieri and Mo McRae Director: Christian Gudegast Rating: 3.5X's out of 5X's Every once in a while we get a team up heist film that packs it's cast with notable industry bad boys who meet the requirements for said genre, so of course you're probably thinking "here we go again". However where Den of Thieves takes a more different approach is in the storytelling. Usually the motive(s) or grand scheme are clearly explained within the first 30 min of a film, but Den plays the long game as more of a suspense than action film. Pay very close attention with this one and you'll probably still miss the twist coming straight at you.#PabloSchreiber (Merrimen) is no #DannyOcean but he is just as precise and much more cold. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is the bad boy icing on the cake as Schreiber's right hand in the film, however still very much underutilized in my opinion. His one shining moment was a scene used as a marketing tool leaking just days before it's release on late night talk shows. But it is a fun scene that can still be appreciated during the film.

#GerardButler who plays (Sheriff Nick Flanagan) a flawed tough guy cop out to get his man no matter how many rules he has to break. Last but not least the stand out performance has to go to Mr. #OsheaJacksonJr. He's been a bit of a surprise on screen after a stunning portrayal of his father Ice Cube in #StraightouttaCompton and his comedic awkwardness in the indie film#IngridGoeswest but Den of Thieves will be the one puts young Oshea exactly where he wants to be for future projects to come. Although this heist film is the same old song and dance it is still very much a badass film with equally badass characters and a gun fight almost comparable to that of the classic#HEAT. Den of Thieves is a must see for the adrenaline junkies looking to enjoy a ride on the edge of their seats!

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