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When you say who’s the biggest in hip hop, you will undoubtedly hear mention of the name Drake. Anything he touches turns to platinum and his work ethic speaks for itself.

The apple, as they say, may not fall too far from the tree. Dennis Graham told TooFab that he is creating a new television show called "Fame and Family,"

"I'm filming a new TV show, where I'm interviewing the parents of superstars," Graham told us, adding that he had just interviewed record executive Master Pand "Blackish" star Deon Cole earlier that day as part of the pilot episode. "It's called 'Fame and Family.' It's my new project, and it's gonna be fantastic."

Mr. Graham went on to say with excitement!

The deal is with Sony Pictures and has not been picked up by any networks at the moment due to Sony not having their own network, so the project is still in its early stages.

Mr. Graham also revealed that he had ran his ideas by his very own son.

"Drake just called me, and I shared it with him," Graham dished. "And he goes, 'Dad, that's the best thing you've ever done.'"

When TooFab asked the rapper if would be making any appearances on the "family show," Graham said he was hopeful and...

"I would like to sit down and have a conversation with him“

So far things seem to still in development as Graham continues to film interviews l, but we cannot wait to see how this project turns out!

We will keep you posted as things develop!


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