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Despite outrage Joker breaks yet another box office record for the month of October. 

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

The polarizing Joker Film topped the box office once again for the second week in a row with a staggering 55 million second-weekend gross domestically, beating out "Addams Family" ($30M) and "Gemini Man" ($20M). That’s down just 43% from it's $96 million launch, bringing the film to about $193 million domestically after ten days since it's release. Jokers also set a second weekend October box office record with a 3-day of $55M, beating the previous record quite handedly which was set by Gravity ($43M) back in October 2013. Joker sits $7M shy of the $200M mark, which it's on pace to reach this week. Worldwide it's sitting at half a billion, making it Joaquin Phoenix’s highest grossing film of all-time (beating Gladiator‘s lifetime of $460M), it's currently the second-highest grossing outing for director Todd Phillips after The Hangover 2 ($586M).

It is also the third biggest non opening weekend of all time for an R-rated movie, trailing only "IT" ($60M) and American Sniper ($64M). Also important to note it's 43% dropoff from opening weekend is one of the best holds ever for a wide release comicbook or superhero movie, taking a smaller second weekend drop than Wonder Woman (-43.3% from a $103M debut in 2017) and Black Panther (-44% from a $202M debut in 2018). The controversy and backlash Joker has received from some critics and skeptics is not only not discouraging moviegoers, it seems to be driving them to go and see it to be a part of the growing conversation surrounding it.

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