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Today B2K member, Jarell 'J-Boog' Damonte' Houston Sr, took to his Instagram page to post what appears to be a sequel teaser to the 2004 dance hit movie 'You got Served'.

The caption reads, "#Houknew Ya'll aint ready.. #yougotserved2"

Now its unclear as to what any of this means, because there was already a 'You Got Served 2' back in 2011 titled 'You Got Served: Beat The World' starring Tyrone Marshall Brown, Mishael Morgan, Nikki Grant. Not one member of B2K or Chris Stokes camp were involved with this sequel, nor was it received well. We barely even remember it being released.

What we do know is that the old band is getting back together and set to return to the stage for the 'Scream Tour' reunion titled 'The Millennium Tour. Thats right, Omarion, Boog, Fiz, and Raz B are all returning as B2K accompanied by Mario, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, Bobby V, Ying Yang Twins and Chingy! Tour dates were announced December 31st 2018 and is set to take off March 8th 2019.

So, whats does this teaser mean? Will they gives a live rendition of of their popular street battle in Mr Rad's warehouse over that Fat Man Scoop party anthem? That actually wouldn't be a bad idea if we may say so ourselves. Well, whatever it is we'll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest Critix!

But out curiosity, are you excited for another possible 'You Got Served' with its original dance crew " The lil Saints"!? Heres a quick reminder:


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