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Director Of Blumhouse’s “A House On The Bayou” Talks About The Process Of Creating A Thriller!

We could argue that one of the only forms of original film writing is left to those in the indie horror film genre. But thanks to studios like Jason Blum‘s Blumhouse, there is still a place for such expression to be lifted into the masses of mainstream media.

This brings us to Alex McAulay’s A House On The Bayou. A twisted tale which has little more than its originality to stand on.

Yes, some of the acting from its key players is bland, but Bayou’s manages to provide an style of horror which many have not seen since the early days of video rental or late night cable even.

What is appreciated, is it’s ability to created memorable characters such as it’s two antagonists Issac and Grandpappy, played by Jacob Lofland and Doug Van Liew, who‘s creepy ominous dialogue and antics pretty much carry the film. Lofland and Van Liew are that special ingredient culty horror films are made of.

We spoke with The Director about his approach to this film, from the concept to casting and to the symbolism within his character and here’s what he had to say.

“I always had this idea, I grew up in Texas. I was like, In an era where there’s still child preachers, I’d go to the state fair with my dad and there’s like a child preacher in a “Children Of The Corn” kind of vibe. And I’m like, yeah I love the idea of exploring those kind of character. There‘s something really creepy and weird about that I love”

During the interview Mcaulay also talks about working with Marvels Eternal star Lia McHugh, who’s also shines in the film and spoils us with talk about an alternate ending that didn’t make it due to scheduling conflict.

You can check out our full interview with Alex Mculay below:

You can check out Blumhouse’s “A House On The Bayou“ on Epix and all digital platforms NOW!


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