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Film: Disney’s Aladdin

Starring: Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud, Will Smith, Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban

Director: Guy Ritchie

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 3.5X’s out of 5X’s

The Magic returns in this live action adaptation of Disney’s beloved story about a Princess, a monkey, a street thief and his magic lamp! Yes folks we’re talking about Aladdin! Aladdin follows a young thief who falls in love with a princess whom he feels is completely out of his league, and in order to grab her heart he uses a magic lamp he finds which beholds a powerful Genie who can grant him three wishes to fulfill his heart's desires. This version of Aladdin is so much more than its original plot. Grab a tight hold on to your magic carpets folks, because this deserves all attention to detail we’re about to give it! The wins rest within the talent of it's formidable cast. Talk about watching the animation come to life. #NaomiScott and #MenaMassoud are the doppelgängers to their animated counterparts! The charm in which Massoud displays on camera is nothing short of amazing. His performance will have you smiling from his opening number until the very end. He IS Aladdin! Now Naomi Scott is another jewel of this film. Her portrayal of #PrincessJasmine will not only melt hearts but she will inspire young women with the modern twists her character endures in this film. There are no more damsels in distress ladies and gentlemen and Disney is well aware of that. Not to mention their chemistry together throughout, is impeccable! But let’s not beat around the bush. What you all really want to know is how did #WillSmith do as Genie? Well to be honest this film isn’t about what Will Smith can or can not do in the shoes of the great Robin Williams, no this film is about how well it has adapted to the new generation as well as to live action while keeping the same magic and charm in tact. Now Will Smith assists in this area extremely well! Everything you love about Smith shines bright with a pinch of what you’re already familiar with! The outstanding CGI and special effects enhance what you may or may not have been afraid of. It is almost impossible not to tap your feet to Will’s amazing performances of “Friend Like Me” and “Prince Ali” if we may say the musical score and production overpowers it’s predecessor by a long shot! You will indeed feel the magic! Now for the losses, because there are a few. Jafar, played by #MarwanKenzari, may have been the weakest point to this film. He’s just not nearly as frightening as Johnathan Freemans devilish voiceover from the classic cartoon version. More like a whinny envious temper tantrum fueled rich kid is more his style. We tried to get on board for the sake of the ride but it just never sunk in. Nevertheless there are plenty of new added characters who help move the story along. We believe this was necessary to improve on the believability and plotholes that the cartoon had. Do not go in hoping to see the animated version done again. This Aladdin is made for modern times with a classic feel that the whole family can enjoy and undoubtedly worth the price of admission. This isn’t our childhood anymore folks. No, it’s an awesome hand me down for the next generation!

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