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Disney to release an entire Marvel-themed 'Avengers Campus' park in 2020!

On Friday, Disney confirmed that it has a new Marvel-centric attraction coming to Disneyland's California Adventure in 2020 — and it's called the "Avengers Campus."

This Marvel-focused land is scheduled to open next summer, and this news comes from inside of the D23 Expo, a biannual showcase filled with Disney-Parks announcements.

Here's everything we know so far about the Avengers Campus.

The new "Avengers" training grounds are described on the D23 blog as places where guests can "become part of an interconnected, global story spanning from California to Paris to Hong Kong, as the Avengers recruit new extraordinary people to join them."

The official announcement did not specify exactly which heroes would be making appearances at the themed area, but after seeing some concept art, many are already speculating thatHawkeye will be there as well as Black Panther, Captain America, the Dora Milaje, and other Marvel characters who have been spotted at Disney parks in the past.

And, based on the sketches we have so far, it looks like Spider-Man will very likely be making an appearance at the "Avengers Campus."

As for where they will land on the map of Disney California Adventure, CNET reports that the new attractions are an extension the "Guardians of the Galaxy — Mission: Breakout!" tower ride that launched back in 2017. The new attraction will also cover what was formerly "A Bug's Land."

According to an earlier report from the Los Angeles Times, Disney has already applied for permits for a retail center, microbrewery, and a meet-and-greet area for it's coming Marvel-centric land.

So let us know, will You be checking out Disney’s new Avengers theme park in 2020?


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