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Disney to Offer Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for $12.99!

Disney recently made an announcement that may shock the world of streaming. Starting November 12th Disney announced that it will offer a bundle package of its three streaming services; Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99.

That’s three quality streaming services at a price point on par or cheaper then its competitors. That means you will get sports content from one of the best in the biz with ESPN+ as well as access to a number of TV shows and movies with Disney+ and Hulu. With the excitement that the Disney+ announcement already brought to the market this bundle is just icing on the cake.

During an investment call today CEO Bob Iger shared his thoughts on the new streaming service.

“Disney+ is the most important product the company has launch in my tenure. The positive response to our direct to consumer strategy has been gratifying, and the integration of the businesses we acquired from 21st Century Fox on increases our confidence in our ability to leverage decades of iconic storytelling and the powerful creative engines across the entire company to deliver an extraordinary value proposition to consumers.”

Iger also stated that many companies such as Amazon and Apple are inquiring about distributing the product. As of now no deals are in place but Iger told investors,

“We feel it’s important for us to achieve scale quickly, and we think it’s going to be an important part of that. They’re all interested in distributing the product.”

Ultimately Disney’s goal is to provide countless content in three areas general entertainment, family, and sports at a price point that makes it accessible to consumers.

“That $12.99 bundle offers consumers tremendous volume, tremendous quality, and tremendous variety for a good price.”

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