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EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Movie [Spoiler Free Review]

Film: EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Movie

Cast: Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Jesse Plemons, Krysten Ritter, Charles Baker, Matt Jones, Robert Forster, Tess Harper, Scott MacArthur, Kevin Rankin, Larry Hankin.

Produced By: Sony Pictures

Streaming: Netflix

Written By: Vince Gilligan

Directed By: Vince Gilligan

Review By: Dion Hall & Miguel Lopez

Rating: 3.5 X's out of 5 X's

When it comes to movies and television; fans don’t always get the ending they want, or maybe even deserve. Often times we're left to wonder what has become of the characters that we spent season after season connecting with and growing to love. We spend time theorizing what should have happened to conclude the show. This leaves us yearning for closure and confirmation, delving into all the popular internet fan theories following a series finale. Well, if you are a fan of Breaking Bad you may have finally gotten the closure you've so desperately craved with Netflix's newest film EL Camino.

Six years ago we witnessed the closing shot of one of the most talked about television series of all time with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) driving away in a black El Camino. El Camino takes us to the moments directly following the end of Breaking Bad where we saw the demise of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and the liberation of Jesse, leaving his fate to the imagination of the viewers. Writer and director Vince Gilligan has returned to complete the story of Jesse Pinkman, and Aaron Paul shines in his reprised role as Jesse Pinkman delivering a spirited performance.

Toward the end of Breaking Bad Jesse was taken into captivity and forced to continue to produce meth. El Camino did an excellent job portraying the despair he endured during his captivity and the PTSD he was left with following his release. The gritty tone and feel as well as the sharp cinematography of the heralded Breaking Bad series is also prominent in the El Camino film. At times it almost feels like the six-year gap between the finale and the movie doesn't exist.

Although the story that gets told here doesn't add much to the lore of what Breaking Bad is and has become, it's still told so beautifully and precise that it feels like an epilogue fans never knew they wanted. The plot is also a perfect fit as we see Jesse reach out to old friends and acquaintances, in addition to flashbacks that make for some epic cameos. Throughout the film there are multiple flashbacks that are key to the decisions Jesse makes in this film as he attempts to make a new life for himself. This will keep you thoroughly engaged throughout as Jesse makes very calculated moves displaying a tremendous amount of growth as a character. It is rare we get to see a character end their story so gracefully, and El Camino does just that. The end of the film leaves us with an understanding of Jesse’s new life, giving some much needed closure to one of the best stories ever told on the small screen.


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