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Fall [Review]

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Film: FALL

Starring: Grace Caroline Curray, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Virginia Gardner, Mason Gooding

Director: Scott Mann

Review: Klep Napier

Rating: 3.5X’s out of 5X’s

‘Fall’ is the kind of exhilarating ride you think you would only find at a theme park. Prepare yourself for sweaty palms, and heart palpitations while you hold your breath, squirm in your seat awaiting one shocking and twisted conclusion!

From Director Scott Mann, comes a terrifying take on facing your fears. When Becky (Grace Caroline Curray) has given up hope her best friend Hunter ( Virginia Gardner) challenges her to get on her feet face her fears head on by climbing a 2000 ft tower in the middle of nowhere! Things take a turn for the worst when Becky and Hunter find themselves stranded at the top of this tower.

Fall is simple and wastes no time making things uncomfortable for you at the same time never playing it safe. Those are the strong points. Mann, balances fear with anxiety for its viewers and will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through. You may either squirm with anxiousness or get up and walk out of the theater to catch a breather. Fall is not for the weak.

But even with all of the spectacle seen in the trailers, Fall has a heart which drives the narrative home. Jeffrey Dean Morgan assist with the background and emotional hook for our lead Becky (Curray) while Mason Gooding is the motivation for Becky and Hunters tale.

Sometimes it’s the simplest plot lines that win you over and Fall is definitely that. See this film on the BIGGEST screen you can get your eyes on! If you dare.


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